School Counseling at Chelmsford High School

Attention Seniors & Juniors!
The NACAC tool is a status update for colleges re: deposits deadlines, tours, and accepted student day information.  Click HERE to go to the website.

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College Planning Webinar

Mid-Year & Final Exams: Study Tips and Strategies

Are you nervous about finals?  A great resource for preparing for final exams is the Guidance Department’s study packet, Mid-Year & Final Exams:  Study Tips and Strategies.  Please be sure to check it out!

Scholarship Information

ALL scholarships are listed in Naviance Family Connection under the “scholarship list” link on the left hand side of the page.    Click here for Naviance Family Connection. If you don’t have a student account, log in as Guest to view scholarships.  If a scholarship requires a transcript, you must request one through Naviance at least 10 days prior to the application deadline.  All transcripts can be picked up in the Career Center.  To request a transcript click on the horizontal “colleges” tab, select “transcripts” in the left column, then select the second option from the menu “Request transcripts for scholarships or athletics”.  When requesting a transcript be sure to populate the reason for request, due date, and recipient.  “Recipient” should list the name of the scholarship, not your name.

Work Permits

Work permits are processed in the Career Center after the work permit application form is completed.  Be sure to bring ID.

Click Here for the forms.