14 Chelmsford High juniors receive College Book Awards

CHELMSFORD, Massachusetts (May 29, 2024) – Chelmsford High School deans Christina Mitza, Erin MacNeil and John MacIsaac honored 14 members of the junior class with the Junior College Book Awards on Thursday, May 30.

These awards are presented annually to juniors who exemplify the spirit of Chelmsford High School and who demonstrate inspirational leadership, outstanding scholarship and unwavering loyalty to the school and community.

The Junior College Book Awards program at CHS is coordinated by Angela Hughes, Administrative Assistant of Whittier House, who works with the admissions and alumni associations of the many colleges and universities throughout the country who participate.

Each college ships its book of choice to be presented to the recipient.

John MacIsaac, dean of Whittier House, explained that some of the books come with additional benefits, like the waiver of application fees if the student applies or scholarships if the student is accepted to and attends that institution.

2024 Chelmsford High School Junior College Book Award Recipients

Recipient | Book Award

  • Pranav Aburri | Harvard Club of Boston
  • Akhil Dantam | Yale Club of Boston
  • Anisha Dantam | Dartmouth College
  • Jocelyn Pica | Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Elizabeth Kurth | Smith College
  • Jason Dou | William and Mary Leadership Award
  • Joe Evans | Brandeis University
  • James “Owen” Dowd | Lasell University
  • Franklin “Frankie” Ye | St. Lawrence University
  • Arvind Rao | Wesleyan University
  • Salim Gadiri | St. Michael’s College
  • Valerie Ren | St. Michael’s College
  • Matthew Kelliher | Tulane University
  • Nathan Nguyen | Suffolk University

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