What they're saying...

Megan Mitchell“My internship was my favorite part of high school. Not only was it so much fun, but I gained connections, skills, and experience!”

— Megan Mitchell Class of 2023




Ruth Njuguna“I did my internship at the Chelmsford Senior Center! I had an amazing time with the seniors for the past 6 weeks! I learned so much and being able to connect with the volunteers! This experience will help me do great things in the best future! Juniors- I encourage you guys to take part in this because it such an experience that I will never forget! Thank you CHS for letting me be apart of this program!”

— Ruth Njuguna- Class of 2023


Chelmsford High School Senior Capstone Experience

“I enjoyed the internship so much because I got to spend 6 weeks experiencing the work force and not worrying about homework and due dates, it made me feel like an actual adult!”

Lara Soliman, Class of 2022


Chelmsford High School Senior Capstone Experience

“I think that this was a great experience, especially even before heading into college. I got to do a lot of hands-on activities and actually experience the schedule of an elementary school teacher. Teaching isn’t the only thing that a teacher does. A lot goes on behind the scenes that the children do not get to see. After doing this internship I now know for sure that the field of education is something that I want to go into in the future. I am so grateful that CHS offers this opportunity for seniors and I hope it’s kept for future years.”

Arina Kondakchyan, Class of 2022


Chelmsford High School Senior Capstone Experience“My internship experience at Boston Dog Company has really helped me not only gain work skills but has improved my depression by making me excited to get out of bed in the morning.”

Damara Grand, Class of 2022




Chelmsford High School Senior Capstone Experience“The internship provides you with a new type of learning that is most likely different from any learning that you have experienced before.”

Lea Mitchell, Class of 2022




Chelmsford High School Senior Capstone Experience

“Not only was our internship a blast, but we also gained countless transferable skills and experiences that we will never forget.”

Katrina Janakos and L.J. Robson, Class of 2022