Chelmsford Public Schools partners with Care Solace

Chelmsford Public Schools Partners with Care Solace for Added Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support

CHELMSFORD, MA (Mar. 25, 2022) – Chelmsford Public Schools has partnered with Care Solace, a platform which helps students and families connect to mental health and substance abuse support services and solutions, the District announced on Friday.

The partnership with Care Solace, which works alongside 4,000 school districts nationwide, is in response to the increasing demand for mental health and addiction solutions and resources. With a confidential phone call, Care Solace professionals find local, regional and online mental health and substance abuse providers and navigates the hurdles, including insurance, within 15 minutes of the initial call.

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“Instead of families making those phone calls to find providers and whether they accept insurance, Care Solace makes those phone calls instead,” said Shannon Bischoff, Coordinator of Social and Emotional Learning and Counseling Services Pre-K-12 at Chelmsford Public Schools. “We know it has been challenging for families to access mental health providers in the community, so we wanted to add this resource for them.”

Care Solace representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached by calling 888-515-0595. Students and families can also seek resources online by answering a few questions at There is no cost for Care Solace’s services.

The partnership with Care Solace will be active at least until July 1, 2022. Chelmsford Schools will also continue to utilize Project Interface for mental health and substance abuse solutions and resources.

For more information, visit or telephone 888-515-0595.


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