Chelmsford High School MMEA All-State Festival 2023

Seven CHS Student-Musicians Accepted to MMEA All-State Music Festival

All seven to perform at MMEA All-State Concert Mar. 4 at Symphony Hall

CHELMSFORD, MA (Jan. 25, 2023) – All seven Chelmsford High School student-musicians who auditioned for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) All-State Festival Saturday, Jan. 21 at Shrewsbury High School, were accepted, the MMEA announced on Monday.

CHS’s seven student-musicians will perform at the MMEA All-State Festival Saturday, Mar. 4 at Symphony Hall in Boston.

“I am very proud of this incredibly talented group of students,” said CHS band director/educator Matthew Sexauer. “This is the first time that I can recall that every student from Chelmsford High School who auditioned for the Massachusetts All-State Festival was accepted. This is a huge moment for our students, our music department, and our schools here in Chelmsford.”

Junior trombonist Kyle Pinto advanced to the All-State Festival for the third straight year while seniors Kaitlyn Kaminuma, a violinist, and percussionist Sarah Roch earned All-State honors for the second consecutive year.

Three freshmen – French horn player Ryan Blaine, flautist Jade Boyer and tenor saxophonist Ethan Jiang – will make debut appearances at the Festival along with junior tuba player Jack Tallent.

The MMEA honors are the latest of several this year for CHS student-musicians. The aforementioned seven were among 19 CHS student-musicians named to the MMEA Northeast Senior District Ensemble, announced in November. Additionally, four students were accepted into the Western International Band Clinic (WIBC) – including Mr. Pinto – in November.

As it has each year, the Chelmsford Friends of Music will cover the registration fees for all seven student-musicians.

Recipients of the MMEA All-State Ensemble included:

Student                                                     Distinction                             Instrument

Ryan Blaine, Fr.                                                   Band                           French Horn

Jade Boyer, Fr.                                                    Band                                       Flute

Ethan Jiang, Fr.                                                   Band                   Tenor Saxophone

*Kaitlin Kaminuma, Sr.                                Orchestra                                      Violin

**Kyle Pinto. Jr.                                                  Band                               Trombone

*Sarah Roch, Sr.                                                 Band                                    Mallets

Jack Tallent, Jr.                                                   Band                                        Tuba

*Prior appearances at the MMEA All-State Music Ensemble

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