When we think of primary sources, many think of documents that you read in a history class about a topic from long ago. The truth is that primary sources are available from many reliable sources on the internet. If you are researching a court case, the legal documents are often online. Major landmarks or major court cases often have indictments and judgments published online from reliable sources like the Department of Justice. Congressional bills are online. A savvy researcher can check news sources by reading the primary sources. Many government websites have a ton of information that is free to the public and considered highly reliable. Reporters often use something called the Freedom of Information Act. This act allows reporters to get many public documents and then post the information on the internet. As researchers, we can search for these documents, videos, and recordings and cite them as sources.

National Archives

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This is a free government website with a massive amount of documents and information. The National Achievements are so big that they should be searched from several points of entry.

Library of Congress: Home

Library of Congress
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Doc Teach
Finding Primary Sources for History Research
The Way Back Home

This free government website has a ton of primary sources and information.

The Way Back Machine

If you want to research a topic that occurred during the internet age, then you can easily find primary sources with this website. You can see internet sources that existed in the past on a specific topic. Using the Way-back Machine can help improve understanding in the context of the time the event occurred.