Search Operators

Why do we use search operators?

Search operators are used to improve search results. Search operators are set into motion to refine information gathering, and a good researcher can easily use this to improve reliability. Some people have learned that using Google to gather information is a bad idea. We have to learn how to use Google to find reliable sources and evaluate those sources. The effective use of Google means using a few basic search operators. Searches do not have to be complicated to improve the quality of your research.

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Take the time to learn some of the most common search operations to increase the quality of your searches.

Country Codes

When searching for balanced information, a competent researcher considers the point of view of all the countries involved in historical events. Otherwise, you risk citing a one-sided version of events, and that can change the context of events. Citing both points of view does mean agreeing with all aspects of each point of view.

Look up the country code of two countries and add the country code to a search of a historical event. In each search, you will find information from each country searched. A researcher can also search for sources from the perspective of a country that is in English. There are English versions of foreign news sources.


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