Chelmsford High’s Class of 2025 to host craft fair

Feb. 4 event to feature over 100 artisans, entertainment, baked goods, raffles and more

CHELMSFORD, Massachusetts (January 26, 2024) – Resin art, crochet work, charcuterie boards, pottery, ornaments, tumblers, quilts, candles and custom T-shirts are just some of the items folks will be able to purchase during the Class of 2025’s craft fair next weekend.

Numerous Chelmsford High School juniors have been hard at work for several weeks getting everything organized, from reaching out to local artisans to promoting their event.

“We’ve been working together with local businesses,” said Jennifer Yu, one of the student organizers. “We’ve done a lot of community outreach to see how we could both help some of these businesses gain exposure and also how we can show our class a lot of things they may not know about Chelmsford.”

Lana Freije, another student organizer from the junior class, said organizing the event was a really fun process, as well as a learning experience.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone in the town, something fun for them,” she said. “And it’s great for us, as well. We’re going to be volunteering. It’s a fun type of fundraiser. … Everyone’s excited.”

Everyone, including the advisors for the class of 2025, who have been watching the students coordinate the event.

“These kids are awesome,” said Lindsey Sheppard, CHS math teacher and class advisor. “We really wanted to be able have something that helped out the class, but also helped out the community … and local artisans.”

While typical fundraisers have been dine-to-donate events, Jen Orsini, Whittier House Counselor and class advisor, said the Class of 2025 wanted to do something different.

“We’re really proud of these kids for wanting to do something that is so community-oriented,” she  said. “And it’s a nice precursor to Cotillion, where they do all the work.”

While both Ms. Orsini and Ms. Sheppard have pitched in to help make sure the craft fair is a success, they’re pleased with how involved the students have been.

“We felt like this was a good opportunity for them to be the owners of it,” Ms. Orsini said. “A lot of parents are volunteering also, which is great. So we’re just hoping for a good turnout.”

The craft fair runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 4, and will take place at Chelmsford High School.

“There’ll be a wide variety of items,” Ms. Freije said, adding that over 100 artisans will have items for sale. “I feel like everyone will find at least one thing they would like.”

In addition to the featured artisans, there will be face painting, baked goods and raffle tickets for sale on site.

“We have a lot of fun things planned, a lot of really exciting things,” Ms. Yu said. “We put a lot of heart into it and I hope that people can feel that community and family element to it.”

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