Chelmsford High School Class of 2021 Awards

CHS Announces Class of 2021 Award Recipients

Mitchell, Krueger and Timmins earn Student of the Year honors

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CHELMSFORD, MA (June 30, 2021) – Seniors Peter Mitchell was named the Student of the Year for Hawthorne House while seniors Kate Krueger and Josh Timmins were named students of the year for the Emerson and Whittier houses as Chelmsford High School announced its Class of 2021 award recipients on Wednesday, June 2, at the Carl J. Rondina Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Mitchell, who served as Senior Class President and will enter the U.S. Naval Academy in the fall, earned four awards on the day while Mr. Timmins was among 14 students who received at least three honors. In addition to winning Student of the Year honors, Mr. Mitchell was presented with the U.S. Naval Academy Appointment from Commander David Grim. He was also the recipient of the Class Representatives Above and Beyond Award as well as the Prudential Spirit of Community Certificate of Merit.

Mr. Timmins received the National School Choral Award roughly one month after he led The Thursdays to the International Championship of High School A Cappella (ICHSA) national final. He was also the recipient of the English Department Award and recently helped lead the CHS volleyball team (11-1) to the Merrimack Valley Conference title and the MIAA North Region Quarterfinal round.

In addition to earning Emerson House Student of the Year honors, Ms. Krueger recently helped the CHS lacrosse team (17-0) to the MIAA Division I North Region Championship and a bid to the MIAA Tournament semifinal round.

Other students who earned three honors at the ceremony included valedictorian Michelle Ly, Drema Uttecht, Kaili Lamb and Emily Arpino, along with Mary Hamilton, Emma Keohane and Parnika Koppana.

Aidan Hennessey received four honors while Salutatorian Connor Mitchell and Ethan Meltzer received three apiece.

Class of 2021 Awards – June 2, 2021Carl J. Rondina Performing Arts Center

Students of the Year

  • Kate Krueger (Emerson House)
  • Peter Mitchell (Hawthorne House)
  • Josh Timmins (Whittier House)

Gold Medal Scholars (Recognition of the top scholars of the Class of 2021)

  • James Barrett – 5th in class
  • Praneeth Abburi – 4th in class
  • Ethan Meltzer – 3rd in class
  • Connor Mitchell – Salutatorian
  • Michelle Ly – Valedictorian

U.S. Naval Academy Appointment

  • Peter Mitchell

2021 Class Representatives Above and Beyond Awards

  • Jackie Rigazio
  • Peter Mitchell

LIME (Leaders In Motion Everywhere) Above and Beyond Award

  • Maya Chan

Advanced Placement Diploma Candidates

  • Samuel Rogers
  • Paul Tucker
  • Drema Uttecht

Rebello Scholarship

  • Hannah Nettikadan

Art Achievement Awards

  • Digital Art: Drema Uttecht
  • Studio Art: Amanda Waters

Emerson House Students of the Month

  • September: Srija Chereddy & Ethan Meltzer
  • October: Kate Krueger & James Mieszczanski
  • November: Jenna Ward & James Barrett
  • December: Zoe Adoniou & Michael Schwamb
  • January: Skyla Garrigan & Tarmo Tari
  • February: Chelsea Moody & Adam Fielding
  • March: Rachel LaLmiere & Logan Bruce
  • April: Sofia D’Agostino & Yash Sahoo
  • May: Kyla Constantino & William Ward
  • June: Lily Hoyt & Cameron Petullo

Child Development/Community Education Award

(For excellence in the Early Childhood program)

  • Kaili Lamb

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

  • Alex Moore

John Phillip Sousa Award

  • Ryan Moore

Director’s Award for Band

  • Amelia Hughes

Director’s Award for Chorus

  • Danny Sousa

National School Choral Awards

  • Zoe Adoniou
  • Josh Timmins

Director’s Award for Orchestra

  • Chelsea Moody

National School Orchestra Award

  • Lily Hoyt

Hawthorn House Students of the Month

  • September: Michelle Ly & Connor Mitchell
  • October: Allison Dorsey & Peter Mitchell
  • November: Gayathri Mantha & Aidan Hennessey
  • December: Emma Keohane &George Haywood
  • January: Emma Walsh & Joshua Jordan
  • February: Emily Arpino & Nicholas Bottomley
  • March: Brynn Murray & Joseph Sturzo
  • April: Mary Hamilton & Sammy Kettani
  • May: Katelyn Fox & John Nickerson
  • June: McKayla Hardy & Daniel Sousa

Commonwealth Award for Exemplary Community Service

(Awarded to a high school junior or senior who has distinguished his/herself based on community service activities)

  • Emily Arpino

American Sign Language (ASL) Above and Beyond Awards

Kaili Lamb

Mary Hamilton

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Above and Beyond Award

  • Adam Fielding

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program

(Those who demonstrate outstanding commitment to serving our community and are hereby recognized as the top student volunteers at CHS)

Emerson House

  • Zoe Adoniou
  • Adam Fielding
  • Chelsea Moody
  • Jenna Ward
  • Michael Schwamb

Hawthorne House

  • Emily Arpino
  • Mary Hamilton
  • Peter Mitchell
  • Michelle Ly
  • Emma Walsh

Whittier House

  • Kathleen Dolan
  • Gabriella O’Connor Carinao
  • Parnika Koppana
  • Jenna LaRochelle
  • Hope Zouzas

Give Club Above and Beyond Awards

  • Emily Arpino
  • Katelyn Fox

Society of Women Engineers Boston- Certificates of Merit

  • Honors: Drema Uttecht
  • High Honors: Emma Keohane
  • Highest Honors: Krish Bhut

Michael Tate Honorary Awards for Science Excellence

  • Connor Mitchell
  • Alisha Peeriz

Ralph Sherwood Honorary Science Award

  • Sona Hanslia

Interact Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Parnika Koppana
  • William Casaletto

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Awards

(Conferred upon the student who has demonstrated the highest achievement in the most advanced course of each language taught)

  • ASL: Aidan Henessey
  • French: Niyati Shroff
  • Spanish: Cassandra Larkin

Seal of Biliteracy Awards

(Recognizing seniors who have demonstrated proficiency in English and a world language)

  • Sachi Joshi (Spanish)
  • Kaili Lamb (Spanish)
  • Cassandra Larkin (Spanish)
  • Diya Panchal (Hindi)
  • Nicolle Reyes (Spanish)
  • Anirudh Singh (Hindi)
  • Youssef Soliman (French, Arabic)

Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction Awards

  • Tarmo Tari (Estonian)
  • Giovana Vieira (Portuguese)

Language Opportunity Coalition Biliteracy Achievement and Attainment Awards

  • Aaliyah Scott (Spanish)
  • Alexander Haverty (Spanish)
  • Ameer Haidar (French)
  • Amelia Carol-Ann Hughes (French)
  • Andrew Kochhar (French)
  • Ethan Meltzer (French)
  • Gabriel Stafford (French)
  • Jenna Ward (French)
  • Julia Elizabeth Bates (French)
  • Leticia Toledo (Portuguese)
  • Michael Schwamb (French)
  • Parnika Koppana (French, Telugu)
  • Sachi Joshi (Hindi)
  • Sana Patel (Spanish)
  • Serena Pan (Mandarin)
  • Shreyas Chaturvedula (Telugu)

Whittier House Students of the Month

  • September: Praneeth Abburi & Krish Bhut
  • October: Haley Ruccio & Josh Timmins
  • November: Jackie Rigazio & Luke Abraham
  • December: Julianne Clark & Cole Schaefer
  • January: Drema Uttecht & Sudeep Gubbala
  • February: Kathleen Dolan & Liam McCafferty
  • March: Jennifer Coleman & Shreyas Chaturvedula
  • April: Jenna LaRochelle & Zachary LaRochelle
  • May: Joseph Connelly & Noah Luke
  • June: Kathryn Slattery & Liam Wagner

Theatre Guild Above and Beyond Awards

  • Skyla Garrigan
  • Pierce Magnant

Musical Theatre Award

  • Allison Dorsey

Andrew Pasquale Honorary Math Awards

  • Ethan Meltzer
  • Srija Chereddy

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association Student Achievement Award

(In recognition of outstanding contributions to the school)

  • Jackie Rigazio

Project Lead the Way Above and Beyond Awards

  • Benjamin Larsen
  • Sachi Joshi

Robotics Above and Beyond Award

  • Jack Gourley

UMass Lowell Business School Award

  • Zachary LaRochelle

Lions Locker School Store Award

  • Mackenzie Stacy

CHSTv Above and Beyond Awards

  • Haley Ruccio
  • Luke Stahl

Chelmsford Telemedia Service Awards

  • Jillian Brennan-Barbeau
  • Eric Correa
  • Kenneth Goodwin
  • Emma Hebert
  • Kristina Reynolds
  • Haley Ruccio
  • Lindsey Snider
  • Ryan Saliba
  • Emma Walsh
  • Josh Walsh
  • Shane Williams

Technology Trouble Shooting Above and Beyond Awards

  • Jack Shea
  • Kaela Tracy

Lead Like a Girl Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Parnika Koppana

Best Buddies Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Evan Coady

Math Team Above and Beyond Awards

  • Aidan Hennessey
  • Rudra Sett
  • Andrew Kochlar

Yearbook Above and Beyond Awards

  • Mary Hamilton
  • Emma Keohane

Mock Trial Above and Beyond Awards

  • Laura Latham
  • Lindsey Snider

PRIDE Awards

(Students who have exemplified one or more of the attributes of our PRIDE values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy)

  • Luke Abraham
  • Morgan Boudreau
  • Yabdiel Gonzalez Cruz
  • Kate Doherty
  • Johnathan Durham
  • Avi Erickson
  • Jack Gallo
  • Sudeep Gubbala
  • Ameer Haidar
  • Luke Harrison
  • Madison Harper
  • George Haywood
  • Benjamin Helmar
  • Jane Irene Jasmin
  • Shannon Kempner
  • Evan Kinney
  • Laura Latham
  • Aidan Maguire
  • Taeshawn McKinney
  • Terry McKinney
  • Sean Mescall
  • Shea O’Leary
  • Kate Paquette
  • Kaitlyn Pawl
  • Nicolle Reyes
  • Bryan Smith
  • Lanny Tseng
  • Will Ward
  • Karina Zafar

Lion Service Awards

  • Katelyn Fox
  • Emma Keohane
  • Allison Dorsey
  • Gayathri Mantha
  • Abigail Przybylowicz

National Merit Scholarship Program

  • Praneeth Abburi
  • Aidan Hennessey
  • Connor Mitchell
  • Rudra Sett

CHS Department Awards

  • Meghan Goode (Business Education)
  • Emma Walsh (CHSTv)
  • Karina Zafar (Computer Science
  • Josh Timmins (English)
  • Taeshawn McKinney (Health Education)
  • Aidan Hennessey (Mathematics)
  • Ethan Meltzer (music)
  • Adam Fielding (Physical Education)
  • Lanny Tseng (Science)
  • James Barrett (Social Studies)
  • Shannon Kempner (Technology-Architecture)
  • Zane Meikle (Technology-Engineering)
  • Hannah Nettikadan (Visual Art)
  • Anna Adinolfi (World Language)


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