Chelmsford High School Innovation Pathways FAQ

VIEW: Innovation Pathways Handbook

How do I enroll in Innovation Pathways at CHS?

Simply complete both the Innovation Pathways interest form and the application.

Who’s eligible for Innovation Pathways?

Everyone! The Career Pathways programs are open to all interested students.

What are the prerequisites for entering a pathway?

Students are required to fill out the application, be in good academic standing, meet discipline and attendance requirements, obtain a teacher recommendation, and undergo an initial interview.  Pathway enrollments will be capped and a lottery process will be used after student applications and interviews.

How much does the program cost?

Innovation Pathways are entirely FREE to students and families provided adequate grant funding is available from the state of Massachusetts. In fact, students can save money towards college.

What support will be available to students who enter a pathway?

Students will be provided various forms of academic, career, and peer support throughout their pathway experience.  For example, consistent scheduling and credit review will be given through the guidance department and updates through Naviance.  In conjunction with the MCC 1 credit courses and industry linked courses, students are given a broad view of not just the content within the pathway, but also the applications into other fields.  Finally, a focus will be given to schedule pathway students in cohorts in order to provide collaborative time. 

What does a career in Business and Finance look like?

There are a wide range of career paths in the business and finance industry.  Our courses support a strong foundation for a post-secondary college or career path.  CHS is currently partnering with Workers Credit Union to provide a work-based internship program for students in their senior year.  Please check out these videos from the National College and Career Center for more Business and Finance information.

What does a career in Information Technology look like?

Skills related to Information Technology and Computer Science are needed in a wide variety of occupations.  More information can be found at the following site on careers in software, hardware and network infrastructure with accompanying median salaries and more.

What does a student receive for completing a pathway?

Students are guaranteed a senior internship or capstone program with an affiliated workforce partner.  Upon completion of the internship or capstone, students will receive a certificate of completion.  CHS is in the process of identifying and obtaining Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC’s) with workforce partners and curriculum coursework.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Students and families can reach out to Alexandra Cunningham, Career and College Readiness Facilitator, at High School students are also encouraged to speak with their guidance counselor.

How do Innovation Pathways work?

Students complete two skills-based and two advanced courses focused on their pathway choice — in Business & Finance or Information Technology — in order to prepare them for a focused internship with a partner company during senior year.

What are the benefits of Innovation Pathways?

Students who are interested in a particular field/industry and choose to follow one of our pathways will have:

  • Access to quality career training.
  • Opportunity for internships and/or industry research focus.
  • Additional academic and career building supports.
  • Potential for college cost savings for students.
  • Improved access to higher education through exposure and experience in college level courses while they attend high school.

Does CHS offer Innovation Pathways in any fields of study other than Business & Finance and Information Technology?

Chelmsford High School Innovation Pathways will be adding two more fields of study in 2022 — Life Sciences and Manufacturing — and are examining other in-demand career areas.