Chelmsford High School Reverse College Day

Gallery: Reverse College Day at Chelmsford High School

Eleven Chelmsford High School alumni took part in the CHS Career and College Readiness Center’s Reverse College Day, Thursday, Jan. 5.  In a timed-table format, CHS students were able to hear the diverse experiences of most of the alumni.

We’re grateful for the following alumni for taking part:

  • Mike Stagnone ’22 (Boston College)
  • Hannah Mattsen ’20 (Clark University)
  • Bridget Sheehan ’20 (Saint Anselm)
  • Kate Mason ’22 (University of New Hampshire)
  • Lea Mitchell ’22 (University of Massachusetts)
  • Michelle Mwangi ’22 (Howard University)
  • Katelyn Fox ’21 (Simmons University)
  • Allie Lococo ’22 (Holy Cross)
  • Theo Farag ’22 (UMass Lowell)
  • Lyla El- Gamel ’22 (Temple University)
  • Haley Ruccio ’21 (Quinnipiac)
Chelmsford High School Reverse College Day